Friday, March 26, 2010

Little London Fish & Chips-Closed

Little London Fish & Chips
19 S Garfield Ave Ste A

In my quest to find good fish and chips, I have searched far and wide. I found my favorite at England Fish and Chips in Long Beach. I passed by Little London Fish & Chips recently and thought I would give it a try. New London isn't too far from, New England Fish & Chips.

It's funny but I must have passed by New London so many times, since I've gone to Cuban Bistro, 38 Degree Ale House, and Tony Roma's, but I've never noticed it until last weekend.

I don't need the fries so I ordered two pieces of fish, $1.01 each, and two pieces of shrimp, .65 cents each. The fish are pollock, not as good as cod but it can be good if done right. Little London isn't good. The fish is just frozen pieces of fish. Nothing is fresh. There is so much batter on the fish, you need a microscope to find the fish. I would bet the ratio was 70% batter to 30% fish, unreal!!! The batter was thick, heavy, crunchy and greasy. They need to turn up the temp on that fryer.

The shrimp was butterflied and had a nice batter. But the shrimp didn't taste fresh, as if had been in the freezer too long. I wasn't impressed at all.

Service was good. Nice and friendly people.

To call Little London, a fish and chips place, would be a mistake. It is more of a general restaurant. They have a ton of sandwiches and even an "Oriental" menu that includes teriyaki. The owners are Koreans and are planning some new changes. They need to change the name because their fish and chips just aren't cutting it.

There is no reason for me to go back to Little London Fish & Chips, again.