Sunday, July 26, 2009

New England Fish & Chips & Chinese Food

New England Fish & Chips & Chinese Food
1705 W Main St

Just east of Fosselman's Ice Cream Co is England Fish and Chips & Chinese Food, a very interesting combination.

Now I compare every fish and chips place to England Fish and Chips in Long Beach, since England Fish and Chips is awesome.

New England Fish & Chips & Chinese Food comes pretty close to England Fish and Chips' quality and price but still falls short.

I got the 2 piece fish and chips, $4.15, and a jumbo shrimp, $1.60. All fried items are cooked to order. The fish is pollock. The fish isn't crunchy, either the oil isn't hot enough or the batter is terrible. The fish was nice and flakey but I think cod is still better. This isn't bad but it's not as great as England Fish and Chips.

The shrimp was big, still didn't have much of a crunch, and was flavorful.

The fries are better than England's but I barely touch the fries.

One thing though, they give you thimble sized tartar sauce containers. They are so small, after eating half of the fish, you're completely empty of tartar sauce.

Service is good. The old man doesn't smile but he is nice and very polite. This isn't the fault of New England, but there was this family who allowed their two kids to yell, scream, and run around the entire restaurant. Hey stupid people, a restaurant isn't your baby sitting service. Take care of your kids and teach them how to behave in publc.

If I was in the area, I would go back to New England Fish & Chips & Chinese Food but I wouldn't make an extra trip out. If I had to choose, I would drive down to Long Beach and get England Fish and Chips. I may try their Chinese food and judging from the prices and portion, it maybe worth a trip soon.