Monday, July 27, 2009

Sanamluang Cafe-Closed

Sanamluang Cafe
1648 Indian Hill Blvd # C

Hype and reality. Many restaurants are all hype and don't live up to that hype. In terms of Thai food, Thai Nakorn is suppose to be the best Thai place in the LA/OC area. But I wasn't impressed with Thai Nakorn and much prefer Ocha.

I haven't heard much hype about Sanamluang Cafe but damn if it wasn't among the best Thai places I have ever been. When I go to Thai places, I try the chicken satae and the Tom Yum Goong soup. If those are good, I'll try other things on the menu. After having both at Sanamluang Cafe, I can't wait to try the rest of their menu.

Chicken satae, $5.95. This was great. They had more seasoning than any other Thai place I have been to. Tender, pretty juicy, not dry at all and a very big portion. Who wouldn't like this. I was a little surprised by the toast given with the satae, never had that before but I'm not complaining about extra food.

Tom Yum Goong soup, $7.95. WOW, was this good. Not that spicy and the server didn't ask how spicy I wanted the soup. But man, lots of rich flavor, tons of medium sized shrimp and just wonderful.

What wasn't wonderful was the service. Very slow, we only saw the server three times, once to take the order, once when the food was ready, and to drop off the check. Never got refills, never was asked how is everything. Friendly people but service needs a lot of work.

I would go back to Sanamluang Cafe to try some of their other dishes. All are good sized portions and most dishes are under $10.