Friday, July 31, 2009

Sushi Central-Closed

Sushi Central
3500 Overland Ave
Los Angeles

I first heard of Sushi Central after the owner beat that douchebag, Bobby Flay, in a sushi contest on a Food Network show. To be honest, I wasn't impressed he beat the douchebag, Bobby Flay, since that last thing that douchebag would know is how to make sushi. The douchebag is one of the most overrated celebrity chefs ever. His food and style of cooking sucks. And really, when it comes to sushi, it takes a long time to become a good sushi chef, I mean come on, almost any sushi chef worth a damn can beat that douchebag, Bobby Flay.

But I found some very good reviews of Sushi Central, so I decide to try it. The one thing about Sushi Central is that there is already sauce on the sushi. Don't make the mistake of dipping it into soy sauce or wasbi, there is enough of both. I got the:

Tuna sushi, $5.50. This was so fresh and so good. They use very good quality sushi here. The tuna had a wonderful color, flavor and texture. I could tell right away it was the best quality sushi I have had.

Jumbo Scallop, $7.00. I was impressed with the presentation. Again top quality sushi that was very fresh. This had a sweet sauce that just added to the flavor. A much better texture than any other scallop I've ever had.

Yellowtail, $6.50. Very fresh, great texture and great flavor. WOW. Just wow.

Bluecrab handroll, $10. WOW am I back in Maryland? There was at least a pound of bluecrab in here, the crab was filled all the way down the roll and packed high. The bluecrab was amazingly fresh and tasty. A steal at $10.

The sushi portions may seem a bit small but the quality is well worth the price. There is no question that top quality sushi is pricey but when done right, like at Sushi Central, it is worth it.

Service at the sushi bar was very good. The owner was serving us and was helpful and very nice and friendly.

I would go back to Sushi Central anytime. What a great dining experience.