Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thai Nakorn- Stanton

Thai Nakorn- Stanton
11951 Beach Blvd

I heard so many good things about Thai Nakorn but I never made it to their Garden Grove location. But when it closed down, I figured I would just miss out. But then I heard they opened a new location in Stanton. So I made it a point to try it.

I ordered my standard, chicken satay, $8.45. This was just OK. I thought the chicken was rubbery and wasn't that flavorful. Not worth the $8.45 price.

Then I had the shrimp with pepper and garlic, $8.75. This isn't want I expected. The garlic just overpowered the flavor. The shrimp was a bit small but overcooked.

Then my usual, spicy shrimp soup, $15.95. This is the most expensive spicy shrimp soup I've had. There was a lot of good size shrimp and they were soft and tender. But they put too much lemon grass in there. It was just too sour. Expensive and lacking taste, not a good combination.

Service was pretty good. Though they didn't always explain what was in each dish, due to the language barrier.

I wasn't impressed with Thai Nakorn. I heard a lot of hype but give me Ocha any day over this place.