Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings
3160 Chino Ave
Chino Hills

Buffalo Wild Wing is a chain from the mid west that is now trying to break into the LA area market. I believe Chino Hills is their first restaurant in the area.

I know, I know, what is a pulled pork sandwich doing on The New Diner. Well I wasn't going to get any ribs with my wings so I decided to get a sandwich, so I got the pulled pork sandwich, $8.49, and ten wings, $5.00 The pulled pork sandwich was very good. I was shocked. Nice tender pieces of pork, mixed with a light BBQ sauce, made this a great sandwich. I thought the sandwich was a bit small but that's my only complaint.

But with a name like Buffalo Wild Wing, I had to try the wings. The wings were on special the night I went, 50 cents per wing and you had to order in groups of five. The wings were among the worst I've ever had. They were not crispy or meaty. They were bland, flavorless and just plain nasty. Your local Chili's has better wings!!!!

Service was below average. Our server who must be all of 17, was slow, didn't explain the special well, never refilled drinks, forgot things, like asking what we wanted to drink, what side order with the pulled pork sandwich.

I would not go back to Buffalo Wild Wing again. I found most of their menu to be overpriced.