Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tokyo Hibachi-Closed

Tokyo Hibachi
4645 Candlewood
Lakewood CA 90712

I've heard great things about Tokyo Hibachi from one of my favorite bloggers, That Girl Can Eat, that I had to go try it. Tokyo Hibachi has two seperate dining area, a teppan area, where the chefs cook the meals in front of you and a regular dining area.

The first picture has the shrimp tempura roll, $8.50. This was very good, with a crunchy shrimp tempura and fresh veggies.

Second picture has the halibut, $7.00, yellowtail, $4.50, and tuna sushi $4.50. I thought all of these sushi were OK but not as fresh as I've had before. They were just a bit mushy and just not as tasty as other sushi places.

The third picture has the cucumber roll that came with the Tokyo Boat, but is $14.00. The outside is cucumber, the inside has tuna, salmon, white fish, crab, and avocado. This was pretty fresh but again not the freshest sushi I've had. The cucumber was really fresh though.

The fourth picture is the Tokyo boat, which included the cucumber roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura, beef and chicken teriyaki, BBQ pork and seasame chicken all for $45.90 for two people.
I couldn't believe how much food was in the boat!!! This looked like a dish for five people, not two. The shrimp tempura was very crunch and the shrimp tender. It was also hot, just out of the fried. The vegetable tempura was also fresh out of the fryer and a great crunch.

I liked the beef teriyaki better, a lean, tender cut of beef, with a sweet teriyaki sauce. Very good. I thought both the teriyaki and seasame chicken was too rubbery, a lot like the chicken you get on the banquet circuit. Not good. I wasn't impressed.

BBQ pork was pretty good, with a good flavor. But the beef teriyaki still stands out.

Service was pretty good. We weren't lacking for anything and they were friendly.

I would stick to the cooked items here at Tokyo Hibachi. I didn't think the sushi was all that fresh. The boats are a good deal with lots of food but the chicken is a bit rubbery. I had high hopes for Tokyo Hibachi and they were not met. I would not go back there.