Saturday, September 20, 2008

Johnny Rebs-Long Beach

Johnny Rebs
4663 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach

I know I've been to Johnny Rebs in Orange before but I wanted to try the new and improved Johnny Rebs in Long Beach. This location burned down and was rebuilt and opened earlier this year.

I ordered the full rack of St. Louis pork ribs, $18.99. I was surprised not to taste any smoke flavor. I was also amazed at the lack of meat on these ribs. St Louis ribs are spare ribs and most spare ribs have a lot of meat. The ribs were also tough and chewy. I found the mac and cheese to be mushy and not made with enough cheese. The Long Beach location isn't as good as the Orange location.

Service was below average. When I walked in, I told the guy my name but when my table was ready, he got the wrong name. Idiot. Then I had to wait at least five minutes before being greeted by a server. All the while, the family who got seated after me, got seated and their drinks before me. Terrible.