Saturday, September 20, 2008

Honda Ya-Tustin

Honda Ya-Tustin
556 El Camino Real

Honda Ya is a Yakitori style, Japanese restaurant. My understanding is that Yakitori means small plates.

Edamanme, $2.95. They were warm and had a little sprinkle of salt on top. Pretty fresh.

Crunchy roll, $5.00. A nice sized piece of shrimp, that was very crunchy. The rice and other ingredients were very fresh and tasty. I thought it was so good, I ordered the crunchy hand roll!!! This was as good as the cut roll. Though the cut roll was $8.

The best dish was the ginger pork, $5.50. What wonderful flavor. So good. The pork was stir fried and mixed with green onions and bean sprouts. Oh sooo good.

My least favorite was the crab shu mai, $5.95. This was very mushy and flavorless. There was more fillers, than crab. I would stay away from this dish.

I did enjoy the tankatsu, $5.95, deep fried pork cutlet. This was a good sized piece and well worth the price. It had a very nice crispy outside and inside the pork was tender and flavorful.

Service was pretty good, though at times you had to ask twice for something.

I would go back to Honda Ya anytime.