Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hutch's BBQ-Closed

Hutch's BBQ
390 E Walnut St

Pasadena not the first place I would think of for good BBQ. You have Robin's and Gus's. Now I found Hutch's, which has been in Pasadena since 1947. They also serve Jamacian food. But the name is Hutch's BBQ, so I tried the BBQ.

I got the baby back ribs, $13 with fries and cole slaw. I wasn't expecting much and Hutch's met up to my low expectations. The ribs were cooked in an oven and was heavily seasoned with pepper. The ribs were fairly meaty and didn't have much fat but they are baby backs.

I got my order to go and the server was ok. But the manager or maybe the owner was very nice. Giving me a quick history of the house that became Hutch's.

I wouldn't go back to Hutch's but if you like oven cooked ribs, this is the place for you.