Sunday, July 19, 2009


7311 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles

Overpriced, small portioned sushi- that describes Itacho to a T. I know it is in the Mid-City area and more restaurants in that area are overpriced but come on now.

I got the California roll with real crab meat, $8, and yellowtail sushi, $6. Then a filet migon sushi, $7. The California roll might have been 6oz, it was so small. They crab meat was fresh, the rice was good but come on, $8 for such a small portion? The yellowtail sushi was fresh but again, very small and thin. I mean almost paper thin.

The filet mignon sushi was something that sounded interested so I decided to try it. The filet was seared for about a minute each side so it was very rare. It was a bit chewy, not tender as filet should be. But an interesting mix of flavors and texture. I'm not sure if I would order this again.

One thing I'm sure of, the service was very slow. I couldn't believe how long we had to wait to order food and how long it took for the food to arrive. I understand the restaurant had to serve 40-50 people, but it's can't be that tough and slow.

I would not go back to Itacho again. While the food is pretty good, the portions are so small and the service is terrible. Why is there any need to go back?