Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dumpling Master-Closed

Dumpling Master
2124 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights

When searching for the best Battle Xiao Long Bao in LA, Dumpling Master came highly recommended. I did a little research and found one in Hacienda Heights. They have another location in Monterey Park.

As readers of The New Diner know, Mei Long Village is my standard bearer. But a recent trip back to Jin Jian improved their ranking. Din Tai Fung is the restaurant that is known for their XLB's but I'm not a big fan.

Scallion pie, $2.95. This was thin pieces of dough that had about two scallions per piece. A little greasy, though nicely fried. I wasn't impressed.

The xiao long bao are listed as mini steamed pork buns, $5.75. This was wonderful. Very good but not as good as Mei Long Village. A thin skin, hot flavorful juice and nicely seasoned pork. A very good example of XLB.

Pork pan fried dumplings, $5.75, pot stickers. This had no flavor at all. The skin was overcooked as you can see, very tough, chewy and so bland. I would not order this again.

Service was much like the taste of difference between the XLB and pot stickers. The lady was pretty rude and unfriendly. The man was nice and friendly. The lady never brought the water we asked for. The man was quick to please and got us anything we needed. The lady was too busy talking to a family she knew to bother helping us.

I would go back to Dumpling Master because the XLB were very good. But the other two items I got weren't good at all. I saw some regular Chinese dishes that looked pretty good and I may go back to try those. I guess you gotta take the lady with a grain of salt.