Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sistahs Soul Food-Closed

Sistahs Soul Food
1782 W. Martin Luther King Ave.
Long Beach

Does the address for Sistahs Soul Food, look familiar? Does the building look familiar? It should, because this is where LBQ used to be.

Right behind Pee & Gee Fish Market, Sistahs Soul Food, offers vegan friendly soul food, with a menu that changes daily. Let me explain. They do not use any salt for their cooking. Greens and beans are made without meat. Their gravies are turkey based. Sure there are items on the menu that aren't vegan friendly but if you're a meat eater and your SO, is a vegan you both can order from Sistahs!!

Call before you go to ask what is on their menu because their menu changes everyday. Saturday's is BBQ. It's not real BBQ, the meats aren't in a smoker but a grill. But they have BBQ ribs, sliced beef, and chicken. Smothered steak and chicken is a highlight for Thursday's menu.

Like LBQ, this is a take out only.

I got the lunch portion of the BBQ ribs, $7.50, with double mac and cheese. A lunch portion is three bones. Well I got way more than three bones. But a lot of the meat was overcooked and/or had been sitting in a warmer for too long. They were dry and tough.

But there were some pieces of ribs that were cooked just right. Tender, flavorful, and not much fat.

The mac and cheese was a bit dry, not a lot of cheese. But overall pretty good.

Service is great. The owner is very friendly and she wants you to enjoy your meal. She even offers you a free sampler plate, after you order. She asked me what I don't like and gave me a plate of BBQ chicken, beans and greens. Let me tell you the chicken was moist and flavorful. The beans were great, full of flavor, even though there was no meat used. The greens, which I don't usually like, was good, not bitter, tender and flavorful.

Some soul food places can make a good batch of BBQ ribs. Sistahs isn't one of them. So I won't be coming back for BBQ Saturdays. But I will come back for their soul food.