Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bob's Big Boy- West Covina-Closed

Bob's Big Boy
100 S. California Ave
West Covina

Maybe it's just that old time feeling but I do love Bob's. I remember Bob's used to be everywhere when I was growing up. But slowly many of their restaurants closed down. But I was happy to go to the Bob's in Burbank, that opened in 1949. What history in that building!!!

I also went to the Bob's in Diamond Bar, which has a sign that says they are one of only seven Bob's Big Boy in the nation that follow the recipe by Bob Wian, for the Big Boy double decker burger.

So when I heard that the a new Bob's Big Boy is opening in West Covina, I was happy. In what used to be the Chevy's restaurant, Bob's has opened to a welcoming crowd. When I arrived there was about ten people waiting for a table.

I sat at the counter and ordered the Super Big Boy with fries, $7.99. This Big Boy was ok. After what seemed like a long wait, the Big Boy wasn't hot or even warm. As you can see some of the cheese hasn't even melted. But otherwise, it's the same as all other Big Boy.

Service was below average. The hostess was great. I was greeted and seated quickly. She was nice and friendly. The guy who showed me to the counter was nice and friendly. The nice and friendly ended there. I was sitting at the counter and at least eight servers passed me but said nothing. Finally this young girl came up and asked what do I want. No greeting, no watch would I like to drink, nothing. Where is the training for these people? There was another server who could tell I was upset at the service and she said Sorry the person at the counter was sent home. But I waited longer than usual for the Big Boy and when it arrived it wasn't even warm. She never asked how the food was, if I needed anything, nothing. How can they hire these people?

I understand this Bob's has been opened for a week and need to get something worked out. But they need to hire people older than 19, who actually care about their jobs. How can at least eight people pass me, at the counter, without saying ANYTHING? They need to teach their servers how to greet customers and how to provide better service.

I do like Bob's enough that I would go back. But at all three locations I've been to, I've had bad service. What the hell is going on?

If you're a fan of Bob's Big Boy, the city of Downey has or will start construction on a New Bob's. Also from an LA Times Blog, this is about Bob's Big Boy making a comeback, with 40-50 restaurants opening within the next few years.