Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bob's Big Boy-Diamond Bar-Closed

Bob's Big Boy
21090 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar

As a kid I went to Bob's quite often. It offered good meals at good prices. Bob's has changed over the years but overall it still offers good meals at good prices. But service has slipped.

I go there and the host, a big fat jerk, who waddles around greets me. Then he proceeds to take me to a seat in the backroom. There is NOBODY in that room. I'm not sure if any of the servers even know there is a back room. We pass up at least TEN, TEN open tables. Why the fat jerk takes me to the backroom, who knows. I ask to sit out front near the windows. He gives me some BS excuse. I told him to just waddle over and take me to my seat.

I ordered the Super Big Boy with fries for $9.30. The big boy is the double-decker burger. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese. Yes, just like the Big Mac. The special relish makes the Big Boy much better than the Big Mac. I get the Super Big Boy since it's a half pound of beef.

The server was average. When she dropped off my order, she didn't ask if I needed anything else. She was a little slow refilling my drink. She also just left the check instead of asking if I wanted dessert.

I would go back to Bob's because I like the Big Boy burger. But I hope the next time I see that fat jerk, he's called Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers and he's improved his customer service. I may go to the Bob's in Burbank which I've heard is the oldest Bob's.

Update Nov 4, 2009

The Bob's in Diamond Bar was celebrating 30 years of service, with a $2.99 Big Bob combo special. So I saw the long lines at the door but still went in, hoping to get a seat at the counter.

There was a seat open and I go the Big Bob combo, $2.99. Now I don't know why but the burger was lukewarm. Ok, I know they are busy but damn, can't the burgers be hot? I have gotten the Super Big Boy combos at other Bob's but I was impressed with the size of the regular Big Bob.

Service was a little slow but that is understandable with all the people taking advantage of the $2.99 special.

I don't care too much for the Diamond Bar Bob's. The burgers aren't hot and service can be slow. But I go because it is close by and the Bob's in West Covina, location is just as bad, serving barely lukewarm burgers. I would much rather make the drive to Bob's in Burbank or the new Bob's Broiler in Downey.