Friday, June 22, 2007

Market Broiler-The Block of Orange

Market Broiler
20 City Blvd. West Bldg. J, Ste R-6
Orange, CA 92868

The Block of Orange offers a decent range of restaurant choices and entertainment options. I think Market Broiler is one of the better restaurants options at The Block.

Market Broiler is a fish restaurant. I think one of the better values around. They offer a combo where you choose two or three entrees for $15 or $18. I ordered the mahi mahi, crab and shrimp cakes, and the teriyaki steak skewers. The mahi mahi is marinated in a miso ginger soy sauce and toppped with a sweet glaze. The mahi mahi was flakey and flavorful. The glaze was a little too sweet but nothing overwhelming.

The teriyaki steak skewers were cooked to medium rare. They were a bit tough and chewy but I wasn't expecting filet mignon. I was expecting to get lots of veggies on the skewer but as you can see in the picture they give you alot of steak.

When I first got my order they forgot the crap and shrimp cakes. When they arrived the crab and shrimp cakes looked very dry. When tasted them, they were very dry. Even the aioli dipping sauce didn't help the dryness. I think the cakes were left under a heating lamp too long. But it was filled with lots of crab, some shrimp and very little if any filler.

Service was good and friendly. But after dinner we talked for awhile and the server gave me the impression that he wanted us out of there ASAP.

I would go back to Market Broiler again though I may not order the crab and shrimp cakes again or at least make sure the cakes were fresh. Be aware that the parking at The Block is bad. You may drive around a few times before finding a parking space.