Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bob's Big Boy- Burbank

Bob's Big Boy- Burbank
4211 W Riverside Drive

Maybe it's because of the holidays but I get nostalgic and I thought about Bob's Big Boy. So I found out that Bob's Big Boy in Burbank has been opened and has basically kept the same design, since 1949. So I knew I had to go.

What a great treat to see a non cookie cutter restaurant. Such great detail and design. I took lots of pictures.

I was shocked to see the amount of people here. The way for a table was thirty minutes on a Saturday afternoon. I would find out later that the workers there consider that to be a SLOW day!!!!

So I decided to get an take out order, since there are some picnic tables by the car hop area. I ordered the Super Big Boy with fries, $7.39. This is cheaper than the Bob's in Diamond Bar, so I figure the Burbank location does so much more volume they can charge less. The Super Big Boy is awesome. The Burbank location puts more of that Bob's relish on the Big Boy than the Diamond Bar location. But otherwise they taste exactly the same, great. The fries were ok but I saw so full from the hot dog and Big Boy, I only ate a few fries.

Service was both good and TERRIBLE. When you walk into the front door, you are greeted by a nice host. I asked him how long is the wait for a table. I didn't like the thirty minute wait, so I decide to get take out. He directed me to the take out register. He was nice, helpful and pleasant.

But the bitch at the take out register was TERRIBLE. She never greeted me. She never smiled, she had the attitude, order quick, I'm busy. When my order came up, she didn't even say thank you. She wasn't pleasant. She was just a bitch with the attitude of Why am I here? Well I can tell her many other places to go. Not sure what the hell is in the water in Burbank but terrible service at both Bob's and Papoo's.

As I was eating the Super Big Boy, a cook was taking his break. So I got to talking to him. He said Fridays and Saturdays nights are so busy you can't even get a parking space. Fridays they have a classic car night and the parking lot is filled by 4pm. I couldn't believe he considered the crowd today slow. A thirty minute wait for a table on a Saturday and he thinks that is slow!!!!

Overall though I did enjoy my experience at the Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. I would come back here if I was in the area. This is open 24 hours so that's always a plus and they have a drive thru. Hopefully that bitch isn't working the next time I come.