Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tower Pizza

Tower Pizza
8351 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles

Tower Pizza is located near LAX and the campus of LMU. It's been there forever because they have signed shoes of Lakers' Legends, James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Kareem, and Kurt Rambis. The Lakers used to practice at LMU and from the looks of things, they stopped into Tower Pizza after practice.

I ordered the small Super Tower pizza, $7, with pepperoni, sausage, Canadian Bacon, and mushrooms. I get the pizza and the first thing I notice is the grease and lots of it. Not a good start. Then I noticed the crust, very thin, almost cracker like. But because of the grease, the crust wasn't as crispy as a cracker. But the crust wasn't good either. There were a lot of toppings but the mushrooms were from a can, the sausage was bland, the pepperoni was OK and there were little Canadian Bacon.

Service was below average. When I walked in, there was nobody greeting people at the door and nobody behind the bar. Well the guy in charge was busy playing video golf. But he takes my order and then continues his video golf. I felt as though I was interrupting his video golf time. The guy was friendly and nice but not exactly attentive. Tower Pizza gives the vive of a dive bar that happens to serve pizza. I can't imagine families going in here and having a meal.

I would not go back to Tower Pizza. The pizza is below average and you really do get the feeling you're in a dive bar that serves pizza. I do realize the full name is Tower Pizza Bar and Grill.

If you're wondering why there is a KFC cup, I actually ordered the pizza to go and then ordered soda at a nearby KFC. I didn't feel like dining in at Tower Pizza.