Monday, January 05, 2009

Florentine's Grill

Florentine's Grill
102 N Harbor Blvd

Florentine's Grill is offering a 50% off deal. I went to Florentine's Grill about six years ago and at that time, thought they were overpriced and the food was average. So I figured why not give them another try, especially with the 50% off.

I got the Chicken Parmesana, $13.49, with veggies and penne pasta. The Chicken Parmesana, was watery, almost as if it was just taken out of the freezer and then cooked, but the extra moisture stayed. The chicken was pretty tender but kinda of bland. If it wasn't for the cheese and the marinara sauce, there would have been no flavor.

Service was OK. I was greeted, though I had to walk to the back of the room, and seated quickly. But I did have to wait a long time to have my order taken. The server was nice and friendly though.

Now I have a couple issues. First with the lowered prices, they add 15% tip to the bill. But what they don't tell you is that they base the tip off the regular price. So the regular price for the Chicken Parmesana, was $26.99, so that's how they got a $4.05 tip, on a $13.49 bill.

Now this isn't the fault of the restaurant. But there were only nine people in the restaurant. The restaurant has two levels and I was sitting on the upper level and a group of five people with a punk, seven year old kid, was sitting on the lower level. This punk kid was hanging and walking on the railing and yelling. The parents didn't do jack. Now this kid wasn't doing anyhting bad. But a restaurant isn't a babysitter service. Allowing a kid climb onto a railing and yelling in a nice quiet restaurant is not acceptable behavior for any kid. Why the parents didn't do anything is beyond me. Tip for parents, if you can't or won't discpline your kid in a restaurant, hire a damn babysitter.

I would not go back to Florentine's Grill again. The food is very average and even though the food was half price, it was still overpriced!!!