Friday, January 02, 2009

Sakura Ichi-Closed

Sakura Ichi
101 W Mission Blvd

Sakura Ichi opened in Pomona as part of a redevelopment project for downtown Pomona. They have a good location, right across the street from the Pomona court house and city hall.

I got the dinner combo, $13.00, with chicken teriyaki, pork katsu, and assorted tempura, with salad and miso soup. There are other choices, from column, A, B, and C including salmon and beef teriyaki, fish and chicken katsu, and fried calamari.

The salad is fresh but pretty standard, mostly iceberg lettuce and some cucumbers with a tangy dressing. The chicken teriyaki is a bit rubbery and lacked flavor, except for the teriyaki sauce. At least put some kind of seasoning on the chicken. The pork katsu had a very nice crispy outside but was a bit dry inside. To add flavor, I dipped it into the teriyaki sauce. The tempura had shrimp, sweet potato and zucchini. I only had the shrimp and it was very crunchy and tender. But it wasn't hot, it must have been sitting under a heat lamp for awhile.

Service was bad. I walked in and I was greeted by two different people. I asked for a table and found out I was talking to the wrong person. So I find the right person and he asks all these stupid questions. I just want a damn table. Anyways I get seated near the sushi bar, all the while a bad singer was adding to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The server at first was nice and friendly and explained the all you can eat sushi option. Only problem is that you have to sit at the sushi bar to get that deal. You can sit at the table near the sushi, when the sushi bar is filled. Oh well, I wasn't in the mood to eat a lot of sushi, though I wanted to order a few items to see how good the sushi, maybe.

Well after placing my order for the combo meal, I mark down what I want from the sushi menu. Then from then on, nobody bothered to pick up the sushi order. There were many busboys and other workers coming by to refill my drink but I didn't see the server at all. Finally after I'm done eating the server came by and asked if I still wanted the sushi. I told her no, just give me my check. There was a big party in a private room but otherwise it wasn't too crowded. So there is no reason for such bad service.

I thought the combo meal I order was nothing special, very average. But I do want to try the sushi. For $21.95, about 75% of their sushi menu is all you can eat. Maybe next time I will sit at the sushi bar. Maybe I'll get better service?