Friday, January 02, 2009

Smokey Canyon BBQ

Smokey Canyon BBQ
5225 Canyon Crest Dr
Ste 9

Smokey Canyon is near Romano's the Chicago Pizza Place I reviewed back in 2007.

I got the 1/3 rack of St. Louis spare ribs, $14.55, with beer battered onion rings and cheesy potatoes. I'll talk more about the price later.

The ribs were dry but had a nice smoked flavor and was pretty meaty. There wasn't much fat or grizzle. So these ribs have potential to be very good. The BBQ sauce was way too sweet. Not a fan.

But I was a fan of both of the sides, beer battered onions rings were awesome. A very nice thick batter gives this a great crunch. Wonderful stuff. The cheesy potatoes were also very good. Diced potatoes with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and onions. The potatoes were cooked perfectly, were soft and coated with cheese. A great side.

One thing that wasn't great, was the fact they didn't tell me the onion rings were a $1 extra. It does say that on the menu but the girl taking my order never mentioned that. They need to mention that, when they are telling what sides they have.

Now the girl was nice and friendly. Service was good. But I didn't like the fact the onion rings cost a $1 extra. I will say it was well worth it. If the onion rings were fresh out of the fryer, I would have asked for new ones. But they were fresh and awesome.

Again I think Smokey Canyon has good potential for a BBQ place. I will give them another try because the ribs have a great smoked flavor but a bit dry. Maybe another time they will be just right. Smokey Canyon is much better than Gram's.