Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chevy's-West Covina-Closed

100 S. California Avenue
West Covina CA 91790

Chevy's is a chain Fresh-Mex restaurant. I have been to their location in West Covina and Anaheim Hills. Just like at most chains, the quality of food and service is pretty much the same.

I went to Chevy's for lunch and ordered a two item combination, with a salsa chicken taco and crispy flautas for $8.29. The salsa chicken taco was served with a crispy white corn taco shell. The shell was very light and crispy. The salsa chicken was mild in terms of spiciness. The chicken itself was a bit dry, even when I added more salsa. The taco wasn't great, but it wasn't bad.

The crispy flautas is basically like a Mexican egg roll. The flautas had salsa chicken, roasted red peppers, grilled corn and a trio of cheeses. It was fusion at it's best or worst depending on how you look at things.

Service was OK. I was seated at the tables near the bar area. It's lunch so there wasn't a bunch of drunks in the bar area. But I was served by the bartender. He had a couple people at the bar and other duties. So he wasn't always there. I was dying of thrist at times because he wasn't around to refill my drink.

Chevy's isn't the best Mexican, or even real Mexican food. But it's decent chain food. I wouldn't go back.

I'm not going to start reviewing a ton of chain restaurants. But I figured I would review some smaller chains.