Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fogo De Chao

Fogo De Chao
133 La Cienega
Beverly Hills

A Brazilian churrascaria in Beverly Hills. I was curious about it enough to try it. Now I compare all churrascaria to Green Field. The variety of meats and the price make Green Field hard to beat.

The first picture has roasted pork loin, bacon wrapped filet mignon, and chicken breast wrapped in bacon. The pork loin was very dry, I only ate about half of it. The bacon wrapped filet mignon was very tasty, nice flavor, pretty tender and cooked about medium rare. The chicken breast wrapped in bacon was also on the dry side.

The second picture shows, top and bottom sirloin, and the picanha, which is the prime part of the sirloin. All meats were well seasoned and flavorful. They were pretty tender. After awhile all the meats do tend to taste the same.

The third picture is the rib eye. I think this was the most tender and flavorful cut at Fogo. Cooked about medium rare and just full of flavor!! My favorite cut, though it didn't come around as often as the sirloin cuts.

The last picture has the filet mignon and another piece of bacon wrapped filet mignon. The filet was tender and flavorful but I didn't feel it was as tender as the rib eye. It was good but not on par with the rib eye.

Other meats they served included chicken leg, lamb chop and linguica, a pork sausage.

The buffet bar included lot's of salad, sliced cold cuts, and fresh cut vegetables. The servers also bring you side dishes like mashed potatoes and fried bananas to your table. I only had a green salad which was very fresh but I didn't touch any sides or any other items from the buffet table. I was there for the meat!!

Service was very good. But when I came back from the salad bar, all the servers came around with the meats. I couldn't even touch the salad. Not that's a bad thing. The meat carvers came around on a regular basis. But they had very few carvers with filet mignon, we may have saw him once the entire time we were there. The carver with the beef ribs never came around. The pork lion came around twice. But all other cuts of meat came around alot.

Also there was confusion over water. We ordered bottled water but I had a glass of regular tap water from the bar. I didn't touch the glass of bottle water until I finished my glass of ice water from the bar. When I finished the server came by and took the glass of ice away. I thought he was going to refill the glass, at some restaurants they take the glass away for refills. Others just have a jug of water and refill it at the table. Well at Fogo they refill glasses at the table. Later on the server asked if I wanted more water. He came back with another bottle of water. But while he was gone, another server asked if I wanted more ice water. I said yes. He came back with a glass of ice water. Then the other server came back with bottled water. The second server tried to take away the glass of ice water and I told him, I want to keep that. Personally I wouldn't have ordered bottled water but when you're going to dinner with others, you go with the majority. I hate just plain water, I need ice in there. I don't mind mixing bottled water with ice.

The churrascaria with the salad bar and all the meats you want is about $48. That's about double the price of Greenfield's. I don't feel the quality of meats is worth double the price of Greenfield's. Fogo is a very nice restaurant and the food and service is good but I don't feel the quality of meat justifies the prices. Of course you are paying the higher prices because you're in Beverly Hills. But you will get the same quality of meats and more variety of meats at Greenfield's.

I wouldn't go back to Fogo De Chao. It was good and I enjoyed eating there but it's not worth the price they are charging.