Thursday, September 20, 2007

Green Field- West Covina

Green Field
281 N. Azusa
West Covina, CA 91790

I used to like Green Field a lot. I went to the Green Field in Long Beach earlier this year.  But after my experience at their West Covina location, I will not go back again. I went on a Sunday night. I was hungry and ready for some meat.

Pictured first is the beef rib. Very salty and lots of fat. I didn't even finish it.

Next came the pork chop. Very dry and salty. Not tender at all. What a waste.

Bacon wrapped turkey. The bacon was cooked unevenly, parts were burnt, others were cooked just right. The turkey was processed turkey which made it very salty. The turkey would have been dry if not for the bacon.

Sausage. Nothing special about this sausage. Wasn't too flavorful.

Beef Shish kebob. They needed to be on the fire a few more minutes. The onions were barely cooked, the meat was dry and salty.

Sirloin was so red, I thought they just killed the cow. This was also salty and very chewy.

The last picture was either the skirt steak or roast beef. Either way it was salty, tough and just plain bad.

The meat was terrible. But what was worse was the service. I waited at least ten minutes from the time the pork chop was served until the next meat came by. This happened all night. It took forever for the meat to arrive. And they lack any kind of variety in the meat. Where was the tri tip? The pork loin? I think they just use the leftover meats on Sunday. That maybe fine, if they lowered the price. But it was still, $25.95. What a damn ripoff.

Again the meats at Green Field was very salty and lacked flavor. I would not go back there again. What a waste of time and money!!!!