Saturday, September 22, 2007

Papa G's Pizza-Closed

Papa G's Pizza
303 Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

Papa G's has been in Diamond Bar since the 1970's. But I've never been there and decided to give it a try. My buddy and I did a taste test, to see who had G best pizza. Mr.G's Pizza. My buddy picked up the pizza at Mr.G's and we met at Papa G's and eat both pizzas.

The interior is 1970's interior, complete with brown wall paper. But the pizza is very good. Pictured is a personal pepperoni pizza $7.40. While the pepperoni wasn't covering the pizza, it was nice and flavorful. I did like that they put a ton of cheese on the pizza. What's up with pizza places putting next to no cheese on their pizza? The crust was crispy, yet soft and chewy. They did not overcook this pizza.

Service was good. The owner's daughter, a high school aged teenager, was nice and friendly. She was fairly attentive and while not waiting tables, she had her head in a HS biology book.

So, who won G pizza taste test? Mr. G's was solid and I enjoyed it a lot, I thought Papa G's is one of the best pizza in Diamond Bar!!

I would go back to Papa G's. I'm surprised it took me so long to go there but I won't wait too long to go back.