Tuesday, September 11, 2007


120 Main St
Huntington Beach

Yes, I know Wahoo's is a chain. I'm not big on chain restaurants but some chain restaurants have some damn good food and/or do one or two things very well.

But even for a chain, Wahoo's has some of the best fish tacos around. They use fresh grilled halibut and then top it with fresh cabbage and white sauce. It's a very fresh and tasty fish taco.

The fish taco's are $2.26 and well worth the price. The Huntington Beach location can get very busy but the service is pretty fast and the cashiers are fairly friendly. The food comes quickly and it comes hot, not luke warm.

I enjoy going to Wahoo's and would go back anytime. The interesting thing is that the Huntington Beach location is the only location I've been too. I must pass at least 4-5 other locations on the way to Huntington Beach.