Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack
213 Main Street
Huntington Beach

I was very surprised to find a good breakfast place in Huntington Beach. But Sugar Shack was great.

Pictured is the two eggs and bacon with hash browns, $6.55. I asked for the eggs over hard and they were cooked perfectly. No running yolk at all. I really like the fact that the eggs weren't salty. Some places just dump a ton of salt onto eggs. The bacon was cooked perfectly. I like the chewy type of bacon. I'm not a big fan of the crispy, fall apart after one bite bacon. The bacon was huge and very tasty. The outside of the hashbrowns were a little overcooked for my tastes. But inside they were soft and tasty.

Service was good. You have to sign in on the clipboard to get in line. There isn't really a hostess. But the servers are nice and friendly. I never lacked for ice tea.

I would go back for breakfast at Sugar Shack anytime. Very good, quality food at good prices.