Monday, April 14, 2008

Old World Delicatessen- West Covina-Moved

Old World Delicatessens
2648 W Workman Ave
West Covina

As the sign says Old World Deli has been family owned and operated since 1969. I'm surprised I haven't tried this place sooner.

I was very surprised with the variety of items they had. Pizza, broasted chicken, hot dogs, soups, and of course sandwiches.

Since I haven't been to a hot dog place in a long time, I got the NY style hot dog, $3.50 with mustard, kraut and raw onions. The hot dog was all beef, Boar's Head hot dog. A good quality hot dog but they do not have a natural casing around the hot dog, so no snap. But this is a good quality hot dog, even if it's steamed.

I also got the hot corned beef, $6.85, on grilled rye, mustard lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese. They piled high the Boar's head corned beef and topped with the fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The grilled rye added a nice touch. A very good sandwich. Maybe a little high on the price but good quality and quanity.

Service is good. The young lady taking the order was nice and friendly. But it did seem to take a long time to get my order ready. Maybe they were waiting for the sandwich to be grilled. But overall a nice place to go for lunch. I will go back to try their pizza and broasted chicken soon.

Update 4-22

I went back to Old World to try a slice of their Silician pizza with pepperoni, $3.30. This is not a good example of Silician pizza. Yes the crust was thicker and soft. But there was barely any sauce and the cheese and pepperoni weren't anything to write home about. I think Old World should stick to sandwiches.

Update 4-23

Every Wednesday Old World Deli has $2 off on their broasted chicken family dinners. So I got the eight piece family dinner, $15.10, and decided to see how Old World Deli's broasted chicken compared to the Chicken Box, Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters, and Broasters Kitchen. The family dinners, includes broasted potatoes, salad, I got half mac and half potato salad, and 4 rolls. The chicken at Old World is cooked to order, just like the other three places.

Well Old World beats the hell out of it's West Covina competior, Chicken Box. The chicken at Old World is so moist, juicy and tender. After biting into the crunchy skin, the juicies are just flowing out. The chicken is hot, fresh and so good.

For me, I like Pittsburgh chicken the best with Broasters coming in a close second. But I think Old World is now tied for second. Who would have thought that a deli would make such great broasted chicken. I would go back to Old World for their sandwiches and their broasted chicken.