Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aki's Sushi-Closed

Aki's Sushi
665 Redondo Ave
Long Beach

Aki's Sushi was opened by the former sushi chef at Aki Sushi. I heard some good things about Aki's so I decided to go there.

I ordered the king crab sushi, $5.75, halibut, $3.50, and the yellowtail, $4.00. The biggest thing I noticed about Aki's is the smaller portions. The portions are much bigger at Aki. The king crab sushi was pretty good. Very fresh and tasty. For the high price they could have put a little more crab on there. The halibut was also fresh and tasty. I didn't like the yellowtail. It wasn't fresh, too mushy and just plain bad.

Service was very good. The servers are nice and friendly and always attentive.

I may go back to Aki's. Again the portions aren't the biggest and the prices are pretty high. But the lack of freshness for the yellowtail really made me wonder if it would happen the next time I go. There are many other sushi places in Long Beach, going back to Aki's may not be worth it.