Sunday, April 13, 2008

Diamond Palace- Indian Food

Diamond Palace
1241 Grand Ave
Diamond Bar

I don't have much experience with Indian food. But I decided to try an Diamond Palace, an Indian place that has been in Diamond Bar for over 15 years. Yes there is also a Diamond Palace Seafood Restaurant in Diamond Bar.

I wanted the chicken barra kabab which is chicken breast but they were out of them. So I go the Ginger Kabab, chicken marinated in yogurt and ginger, with rice, for what I thought was $10.95. More on that later.

The Ginger Kabab came in a sizzling hot plate, a very nice presentation and one that smelled wonderful. But the chicken was a bit dry and lacked flavor. Where is the yogurt and ginger marinate? I didn't taste any ginger at all. Not sure why this was so bland. Indian food is suppose to have lots of flavors. The one thing that had flavor was the rice. Most basmati with some food coloring and bay leaves. What I didn't like about the rice was the $3.95 price. I thought the rice came with the kebab. There is nothing on the menu that said the kebab is served al carte. When the server asked if I wanted rice or bread, he never mentioned there would be an additional charge. That is his responsibility.

Service, other than the fact he didn't tell me the rice was an additional charge, was good. I didn't lack for anything.

I would not go back to Diamond Palace. The food is just average and I still don't like the fact they didn't mention anywhere that the rice is an additional charge.