Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lamppost Pizza-Fountain Valley

Lamppost Pizza
10130 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley

Of the chain pizza places, I like Lamppost the best. There used to be a lot more Lamppost but since the mid 1990's they have slowly closed. I went to the Fountain Valley location and with a buy one, get one free coupon, got a large chicken and large pepperoni for $17.35. Not a bad deal at all.

One of the reasons I like Lamppost is they don't cheat out out of cheese. There is a ton of cheese on the pizza, no matter what location you go to. This was the case with the two pizzas I got, just tons of goey cheese on the pizza. I didn't care for the chicken though. There wasn't enough chicken and the chicken was a bit dry. The pepperoni is one of the best pepperoni used by a chain. Nice and spicy. Though they could have put more pepperoni on the pizza.

Service is OK. The young girl who took my order was nice and friendly. But as I waited for my to go, order the must have kept the pizza for about five minutes longer. She was in the other room horsing around with the other workers. She should have been more attentive to the getting the pizza out. Also if somebody would have came into the pizza place, they was nobody to greet them or take their order.

I would go back to Lamppost but only with a coupon or I would get a special. $17.35 for a large one topping pizza is a bit pricey.