Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Diamond Palace Seafood Restaurant

Diamond Palace Seafood Restaurant
225 Gentle Springs Lane
Diamond Bar

Diamond Palace is hidden away behind a Carl's Jr. and serves up a nice lunch special everyday from 11am-3pm. There are 75 items priced between $4.25-$6.50 with about 30 items priced at $4.75.

I ordered the BBQ pork for $4.75 and the shrimp with lobster sauce for $5.75 which includes a big plate of rice for $11.40. The order took about ten minutes but sat on the front table for another five minutes because the hostess wasn't around.

The bbq pork is excellent. Very tender and not much if any fat. A nice sweet but not too sweet sauce tops the tender pork.

I wasn't happy with the shrimp and lobster sauce. The shrimp are on the small side and they use pork, black beans, green peppers, eggs, watercrests and pork as fillers. Then to top it off they put a lot of ginger which I don't like. They don't make for a good combination of flavors. But I can't agrue with the quality of shrimp. There were about 10 shrimp in there. Not a bad deal.

Diamond Palace is a good stand by place for lunch. The prices and food are good though I wouldn't order the shrimp again. Service is OK. Like I said my order stayed on the front desk for awhile but I've eaten there and the food comes quickly. They just need to improve their take out service a little.