Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ann's Fish Market

Ann's Fish Market
20220 Avalon Blvd Ste E

If you ever have a craving for fried seafood, just drive to Avalon Blvd., in Carson!! Within a mile stretch on Avalon Blvd., is three you buy, they fry, seafood restaurants. The New Diner has reviewed the other two; Family Fish Market, and Louisiana Hometown Seafood, and last, but not least, Ann's Fish Market.

Ann's Fish Market is located the furthest south on Avalon, in a small, but very busy, shopping center, at the corner of Avalon and Del Amo Bvld. Ann's is a small store with a huge display case, stocked with fish, in the front. There are three small tables, so this is mainly a to go place.

I got the dinner combo, $7.99, 3 piece fish, perch, and 10 piece medium shrimp with double hush puppies. I wanted to try a different fish, than my usual red snapper, so I got perch. I first asked for buffalo, but the owner said buffalo has a lot of bones and I quickly changed my mind. The corn meal batter was great!! A light, yet firm texture and perfectly seasoned. My favorite batter, out of all the fried seafood places I've tried. The perch was nicely cooked, had the same type of texture and flavor like catfish.

The shrimp was butterflied and then coated with the same great batter. The shrimp was nicely cooked, fresh, and tasty. I may get an order of jumbo shrimp the next time I go.

The hush puppies were nicely fried, with a nice crispy outside and a soft moist inside. A good example of hush puppies.

My one complaint is the small amount of tartar sauce for such a big order. One tiny container of tartar sauce and hot sauce for three big pieces of fish and ten shrimp? Come on, give out at least 2-3. Though he willing gave me an extra container.

Service is pretty good. The owner is a very nice and patient man. He answered a lot of my questions about Ann's. He brought Ann's from the original owners about four years ago.

Since Ann's is mainly to go, I didn't get napkins with my order. When I asked for napkins, he gave me two small napkins. I mean, either buy bigger napkins or give me more napkins.

I really like Ann's and would go back first. If I had to rank the fried seafood in Carson, it would be Ann's, then Louisiana Hometown Seafood, and finally Family Fish Market.