Friday, February 11, 2011

Louisiana Hometown Seafood

Louisiana Hometown Seafood
17944 Avalon Blvd

I had planned to go back to Family Fish Market but on my way there, I saw Louisiana Hometown Seafood and decided to try it. I'm glad I did because Louisiana Hometown Seafood, was great. Mainly a take out restaurant, but there are about three tables inside.

On the white board, they have their daily specials, so I got the #5 Daily special; $11, 3 piece of red snapper and four jumbo shrimp, with fries, hush puppies and cole slaw.

The red snapper was coated with a nice cornmeal batter and was nice a crispy. The fish was tender, moist and flavorful. Some cornmeal batter can be salty but this was perfect.

The shrimp was so good, coated with the same cornmeal batter and fresh and tender.

To my surprise the hush puppies was great!! After you bite into the crispy outside, you get a nice moist flavorful inside but then a late hit of spice. It maybe a bit spicy for me, but it was great. Maybe the best hush puppies I've had.

Service is good. The owner and his wife are nice people and friendly. When I asked for more tartar sauce, he gave me a whole bottle, not one of those small containers.

I would go back to Louisiana Hometown Seafood, anything. It is so much better than Family Fish Market.