Monday, February 14, 2011

Pomona Fish Market

Pomona Fish Market
295 S Park Ave

I've must have passed by Pomona Fish Market a thousand times and never stopped in. But, I decided to finally go into this long time fish market. This is the typical, you buy they fry fish market.

Lunch special, four fish, three shrimp, fries, and soda, $6.48. I got red snapper for the fish and it was very good. The batter is very light cornmeal batter, that was cripsy and kept the fish, very moist and tender. I was impressed, but the batter is a bit salty.

The tartar sauce for the fish was nice and tangy, but for four good sized pieces of fish, there was a tiny container of tartar sauce. Come on, don't be so cheap, use a larger container or give two containers of tartar sauce.

The same batter covered the very small shrimp, which was a bit dry and not that flavorful. Instead of cocktail sauce, they gave straight hot sauce. I would much prefer cocktail sauce.

The fries were undercooked and a waste.

Jumbo shrimp, $5.50, for five jumbo shrimps. In contrast to the very small sized shrimp, that came with the lunch special, the jumbo shrimp were very big. They had the same light cornmeal batter, but was also more flavorful, tender, and sweet.

Service is ok. The lady, who I believe is the owner, isn't too friendly, she's all business.

I would go back to Pomona Fish Market, but I think I would only order the fish and jumbo shrimp, and would stay away from those smaller sized shrimp. David Allen reviewed Pomona Fish Market and provides some great history. Did you know the Pomona Fish Market has been in business since at least 1937?