Friday, February 11, 2011

Bertha's Soul Food-Carson-Closed

Bertha's Soul Food
675 E University Dr

I was surprised to find out that Bayou Grille, in Carson closed and replaced by Berth's Soul Food. I've been to the Bertha's in Los Angeles and really enjoyed the food. So I was looking forward to enjoying some soul food.

I got the half order of smothered steak, with mac and cheese and creamed corn; $8.23. The steak, itself, was so tender it melted in my mouth. There was very little fat or gristle on the meat. I'm guessing the cut of beef was a rib roast, but the meat was so tender and had good flavor, when I was able to take off the gravy.

But, the gravy was just way too salty. It ruined the taste of beef. The beef itself was great, but the gravy ruined it.

The mac and cheese was a bit undercooked. But, well seasoned, not salty and a good cheese to macaroni ratio. This would have been a very good dish, if the macaroni was cooked properly.

Creamed corn was the second side, and it was a bit too sweet for me taste. But the corn, itself was fine. But, what I didn't like was the creamed corn was just barely above cold. Creamed corn should be served hot, not warm. They need to check their warming trays.

Service was below average. When I walked in, there was a young girl sitting at a table and watching TV. I had no idea, she worked there, until I went to the counter and she said "Do you know what you want?" What a terrible way to greet customers. No, Hi, how are you? or Can I help you? She wasn't helpful or friendly at all.

I'm sad to say I was disappointed with the Bertha's in Carson. The food and service wasn't up to the quality of their LA restaurant. I may go back, but with one of my favorite soul food restaurants, R & R Soul Food, just a few blocks north, I'm in no hurry to come back to Bertha's.