Sunday, March 23, 2008


1714 W Century Blvd

The sign and menu says Soul Food since 1965. Bertha's has been on my list of places to try but I've just haven't been able to get down there. But finally I went and I was sorry I took so long to go.

I got the half dinner of the smothered steak with rice and gravy, mac and cheese, and cream corn, $7. The rice and gravy was pretty standard fare. The cream corn was very sweet and tender, among the best I've had. The mac and cheese could have used more cheese but the macaroni was tender and the cheese nicely melted.

The best part though was the smothered steak. This is really pot roast covered with gravy. The pot roast was very well done. But was full of flavor. The also gave you a huge piece of steak for a half order. The gravy was simple brown gravy, maybe even from a mix, but added flavor to the steak. For $7 this is a steal!!! A full order is $13.50.

Service is great. People are friendly, respectful and helpful. A very enjoyable experience.

I would go back to Bertha's anytime. I'm just sorry I took a long time to try it. Good food, good prices and good service.