Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Fish Market

Family Fish Market
18503 Avalon Blvd

Right behind R & R Soul Food, is Family Fish Market. This is the type of place that sells fresh fish and will also fry the fish for you. There was a steady stream of customers when I was there.

I thought the jumbo shrimp with fries and hush puppies, $7, sounded good, so I got an order. I saw the man take and weigh five fresh jumbo shrimp from the display case, which was refrigerated. Next the shrimp were peeled and deveined, then dipped in a cornmeal batter.

Family Fish Market, does not have any tables, so I went across the street to Home Depot Center and found a bench and ate. When I opened up my tray, I thought they forgot the shrimp, there was a massive amount of fries and a few hush puppies.

But I searched around and found the five shrimp, which were a very good size. I did like the crunchy batter, but the shrimp was overcooked-very tough and chewy. It seemed as though the shrimp had spent about 2-3 extra minutes in the fryer. This may have been good but it missed the mark.

But what got me was the small sized containers of tartar sauce and hot sauce. They gave me one of each and expect that to last for five jumbo shrimp? Luckily, since I saw the small sized containers, I knew I had to ask for more.

The fries were well cooked, soft on the inside and a bit crisp on the outside.

The hush puppies were good, so crisp on the outside and so flavorful on the inside.

If they would have cooked the shrimp as well as they did the fries and hush puppies, this would have been a great meal and deal. $7 is a steal.

Service is pretty good.

I would go back to Family Fish Market but I would stay away from the shrimp and of course, ask for more tartar and hot sauce.