Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ondal Restaurant

Ondal Restaurant
9240 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove

Ondal is known for their spicy crab soup. There are two location in LA, one in Koreatown and the other in the Palms area. I checked and this Ondal, in Garden Grove is part of that Ondal chain.

I was looking forward to try the spicy crab soup and it did not live up to my expectations.

Medium spicy crab stew, $55, blue crap, bean sprouts, and spicy broth. The medium comes with three blue crabs. The shells are only used as an eye catcher. They are quickly taken off and the server, finds the body of the crabs and cuts it up for you.

I took a crab and it was so mushy and overcooked. The crab was no fresh and tasted bad. The spicy broth was a bit too spicy for me but pretty good overall. But, I couldn't get over the fact the crab was so mushy.

I only had one piece of crab, so I was still hungry and ordered the spicy BBQ pork, $7.99. This was better than the crab, but not much better. They use such a poor quality pork-such much gristle and fat. The few good piece were very flavorful, a bit spicy, and tender. But there wasn't many good pieces.

Service was good. The lady, who I believe is the owner, was very nice and helpful.

Ondal and the spicy crab soup did not live up to expectations. I thought it was a waste of money, I much prefer to go to Boiling Crab.