Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Hot Dogs-Chicago Style

Just Hot Dogs-Chicago Style
15223 Beach Blvd

While driving down Beach Blvd, today I saw, Just Hot Dogs-Chicago Style. I never knew or heard about this hot dog stand but I decided to give them a try.

Chicago dog, with fries, mustard, onions, tomatoes, relish and sport peppers, $2.99. For any Chicago dog to be a Chicago dog, it must be made with Vienna beef. This was a Vienna beef hot dog. So this is a good start. Chicago dogs are suppose to be served on a poppy seed bun. This was served on a poppy seed bun, though they could have put more poppy seeds on the bun. But it was there, so another good sign.

But when I got the hot dog, I was a bit surprised to see fries on top. I have never seen fries on top of a Chicago dog. I kept the fries to take a picture, then took them off to take pictures of the toppings and hot dog. I tried the fries and they were cold and soggy and pretty bad. They must have been sitting under a heat lamp forever. The fries can be a good item, if they were served right out of the fryer. But I wouldn't put fries on top of any Chicago dog.

The toppings were fresh and tasty. The Vienna beef didn't have that snap that I expect. It was nicely seasoned and flavored. But I thought they could use a bigger hot dog.

Service is good.

I wouldn't make a special trip to Just Hot Dogs, but if I was in the area, I wouldn't have any issues going back. They do have Italian beef sandwiches, for those of you who like that Chicago sandwich, which I never understood the appeal. But next time I get a hot dog, I will ask for no fries.