Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Casa Sanchez

Casa Sanchez
2264 S Mountain Ave

I must have passed Casa Sanchez, 100's of times, I've even reviewed two restaurants, Birrieria Moreno's and JJ's Fish and BBQ that about a mile north.

I was craving Mexican food and I finally decided to give them a try.

I got the wet chicken burrito, $7.25, chicken, beans, enchilada sauce. This was pretty good up to a point. The chicken was nice and tender and the beans well cooked. But it was a bit bland and Mexican food is not bland. The chicken tasted as though it was boiled and almost no seasoning. The red sauce enchilada sauce was pretty good, nice spicy good flavor. But they sauce shouldn't cover up the lack of seasoning for the inside of the burrito. I did like the large amount of sour cream they put on the side. The sour cream added a cooling affect to the enchilada sauce.

But as I came to the last quarter of the burrito, there were some tough stringy in my mouth. You can see them in the above picture. At first I thought it maybe the corn husks used to make tamales. But I told the server and she said they were dried up pieces of chicken. Almost like chicken jerky.

Not good and certainly something that made an average burrito, below average.

Service was pretty good. The server was nice and friendly and helpful.

I would not go back to Casa Sanchez again, even if the chicken jerky was in my burrito. There are a ton of other Mexican restaurants, where I can get a much better burrito.