Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mattern Sausage & Meats

Mattern Sausage & Meats
4327 E Chapman Ave

I figured that pretentious jerk Orange County, had a good sized German population. There are two German restaurants in a two mile radius from The Honda Center. But I have never gone to either restaurant. I heard about Mattern Sausage and Meats, and though Mattern is more known for their sausage and deli meats, they do serve sandwiches, so I decided to give them a try. .

Mattern is in a small building with limited parking. I was surprised that many customers spoke German. But, I bet the INS would never check to see if these krauts were in the country, illegally. But they would bust the local car wash, to see if the Mexicans working there, were in the country illegally.

Poor boy, $5.90, German cold cuts with harvarti cheese on rye bread. The sandwiches come with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes and cheese. This sandwich had meats I've never seen. German baloney and something that looked like a German mortadella, There was a good amount of meat on the sandwich, the meats were fresh and from what I could tell made from quality meats.

The rye bread was a bit tough and chewy and didn't stand out.

Service is very slow. For a first timers, it can be overwhelming. You take a number and they call out the number. But expect a long wait, they are so damn slow. I got there, got number 8, they were working with number 5 when I got there and it took about 20 minutes before I was helped, and #6 had left.

Then the lady who helped me wasn't helpful at all. She didn't ask what kind of cheese I wanted, she was short with her answers, and just took too damn long to make my sandwich.

I wasn't overwhelmed with the sandwiches at Mattern. It is pretty good but nothing great for sandwiches. I may go there for their sausages, which is interesting because some are freshly made but others are in the freezer. WTF?