Monday, August 16, 2010

Berkeley Dog-Closed

Berkeley Dog
215 W Birch St
Ste 2

Berkeley Dog, is related to Top Dog of Berkeley. Top Dog is a well known hot dog and sausage restaurant, in the bastion of protesters and communists in America; Berkeley, CA. Home to Cal-Berkeley. Since I am a Stanford fan, I have no reason to go slumming and go to Berkeley, so I have never been to Top Dog- thusI don't know what all the hype is about. But I figured I would try Berkeley Dog since they opened a location Brea. Interesting that Cal's main rival, Stanford, calls people from Berkeley, wienies, since they are the biggest douchebags, you ever want to meet. I'm surprised people in Berkeley didn't protest the opening of Berkeley Dog, since they have no life.

All gourmet sausages are $3.85. But they have the best combo, two sausages and a soda for $7.99. A great deal. All sausages are grilled!! Which always impresses me. They come plain, but there is a full assortment of condiments, from deli mustard to raw onions, to sauerkraut.

Combo #2, $7.99, with two sausages, frankfurter and kielbasa, and a drink. The frankfurter is a long skinny, all beef hot dog, with a natural casing. This is how those nasty, terrible Dodger Dogs should taste. This has a great snap and full of flavor. A good spice combination. This is well worth the regular price, $3.85 and a steal with the combo.

The bun is really a piece of bread with sesame seeds on top. Well toasted, soft, and chewy. This will hold up to any topping you put. I put a touch of sauerkraut on the frankfurter. The sauerkraut was in a heated container, was fresh, had a nice tangy flavor and well made.

The kielbasa is 2/3 pork and 1/3 beef, with the same, toasted sesame bun. A nice snap, that just bursts with flavor. It is indeed hearty. I would say it was a good sized piece of kielbasa.

Service was good. Nice and friendly people.

Finally!! I found something good about Berkeley. I may have to go visit Berkeley and try Top Dog. But in the mean time, Berkeley Dog is one of my favorite hot dog places in Orange County.