Saturday, July 02, 2011

Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant

Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant
13726 Oxnard St
Van Nuys

Barone's is a long time San Fernando Valley institution. I read they used to have three locations throughout the Valley, but now this is their only location, which they moved into about six years ago. Does anybody know what this restaurant was, before Barone's moved in? I'm guessing it was a steakhouse by the red vinyl booths.

Barone's is a casual sit down restaurant with other Italian dishes on the menu. But, they are known for their rectangular pizza. The pizza isn't Sicilian, since it has a thinner crust than Sicilian pizza.

I ordered a large with pepperoni, $15.99. This could have been a very good pizza. The crust was thin, not New York style thin, but more of a thin cracker crust. There was plenty of mozzarella cheese. The sauce was very mild, well balanced, I hate it when the sauce overpowers a pizza. But, the top layer of the pizza was overcooked. The top of the pepperoni was almost burnt, but the bottom was nice and you could tell this is a good quality pepperoni. But, since the top was overcooked, it just ruined the pizza for me.

Service was good. The lady who was our server was nice and attentive. I didn't lack for anything, she came to our table often to see if we needed anything.

I noticed that Barone's offers live entertainment on Friday and Saturdays, and they raise the prices of the drinks AND they have a $12.50 minimum per person!! I guess, if you want pizza on those nights, you get the pizza to go.

Again, Barone's just missed being a great pizza. I can't believe a pizza place that has been in business for so long, would overcook their pizza. I may give Barone's another try but I'm in no rush.