Saturday, July 02, 2011

Larry's Chili Dog

Larry's Chili Dog
3122 W Burbank Blvd

I found out about Larry's Chili Dog on Yelp. I didn't realize it wasn't that far from Chili John's.

Larry's is a small place that is easy to miss. They only have outdoor seating, but it's covered, a welcomed relief from this weekend's heat wave.

Whenever I try a new hot dog place, I go for my usual hot dog; mustard and onions, $2.50. I figure if the hot dog is good, then I'll try other toppings. The hot dog is a steamed, all beef, natural casing hot dog. It's pretty good, with a good spice mixture and good quality beef. The snap is good and the flavors exploded with each bite. They were a bit light with the mustard, but there is mustard on the tables, so you can add as much mustard as you want. Overall, I am very impressed with the hot dog.

I got the chili dog, $2.89, which comes with mustard and onions. The chili dog is the same, all beef natural casing dog, as the regular hot dog. The chili was very thick, a bit thicker than I prefer. I bet if you stuck a fork in a bowl of this chili, it would stand up! It will mild, not spicy, with beans and cumin was the spice, I tasted the most. The chili dog is ok but not my favorite.

Service was pretty good. When I walked up to the window, I was greeted and the guy was friendly. The hot dogs came out quickly, though I told him, my order was, for here, but when my order was ready, it was wrapped in a to go container. I also noticed, after I left, I was overcharged for my order. The hot dog and chili dog would come out to $5.39 plus .54 cents tax, would be $5.92. I was charged $6.15. If they charge for mustard and onions, they should tell you.

While the hot dog is good, I won't be coming back to Larry's Chili Dog, any time soon. The hot dog isn't so great, that I need to rush back.