Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gene's Grinders

Gene's Grinders
800 S Myrtle Ave

I find restaurants from all different sources. As people have seen by the many restaurants I've reviewed, David Allen, is a professional writer, is one of my sources. Another source is the Chowhounds message board. While I will read about new restaurants on Chowhounds, I think most people who post on Chowhound, like carter, ipsedixit, reality check, will owen, and servorg, are assholes and full of themselves. The moderators are real assholes, with their heavy handed deleting and locking of threads.

Anyways, I read a thread on Chowhounds about, grinders, which is another name for sandwiches, used mostly back east, and Gene's Grinders in Monrovia was mentioned. I knew I was going to be in Monrovia, and decided to give them a try. On a side note about the asshole factor on Chowhounds, the person who started the grinder thread, had all these stupid requirements about a grinder. I really wish people who understand almost nobody uses the term, grinder. It's a sandwich.

Since the pastrami dip, $7.50, was highly talked about, I got a large pastrami. The pastrami is mustard and pickles. When I saw this sandwich, I honestly thought I was at The Hat. The pastrami was sliced very thin and piled high on a nice, chewy roll. Exactly like The Hat. The pastrami was good but nothing outstanding. I'm all about supporting mom and pop restaurants, so Gene's Grinders is fine. But, honestly it's nothing more than The Hat and a longer drive for me.

Service was very good. The guy who took my order, was very nice and helpful. The sandwich came out quickly.

The asshole on Chowhound, talked up Gene's as a holy grail. While Gene's is fine, I certainly wouldn't sing it's praises, but if I'm in the area, I would stop in.