Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grandma's Broasted Chicken

Grandma's Broasted Chicken
9886 Alondra Blvd

I thought I've been to most of the broasted chicken places in the LA area. But somebody sent a nice email, telling me about Grandma's Broasted Chicken. I noticed that Grandma's Broasted Chicken wasn't far from Treasure Pot. So I figured I would stop by and get some broasted chicken. In addition to chicken, Grandma's also has fish and shrimp.

I got two breast pieces, $1.89 and 5 jumbo shrimp, $5.99. The broasted chicken was cooked to order. It was pretty good. A crispy outside and very juicy inside. It wasn't the best broasted chicken but solid.

The jumbo shrimp were covered with a cornmeal batter, which made them crunchy. But the shrimp were a bit overcooked, tough and chewy. I didn't like the shrimp and didn't think it was worth the $5.99 price tag.

Service is OK. But the owner is a bit of a wise guy, making jokes he thinks is funny. I was ordering and after getting the shrimp and chicken, he said that's enough for you, don't order anymore. Ok fine, if you don't want me to spend more money at your restaurant, why the hell should I.

Broaster Kitchen is still my favorite broasted chicken restaurant. But I wouldn't mind coming back to Grandma's Broasted Chicken. Oh, this Grandma's is different that Grandma's Chicken House.

I has been brought to my attention, that in my reviews of Grandma's Chicken House and Broaster Kitchen, I said Grandma's Chicken House was better. But, in subsequent visits to Broaster Kitchen, I have found the chicken to be so much better than my first visit. Maybe they used better chicken or the first time I went, the cookers weren't working that well. But whatever the reason, Broaster Kitchen is my favorite. But maybe I should go back to Grandma's Chicken House, again.