Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tacos La Bufadora

Tacos La Bufadora
16020 Arrow Hwy

Going with my theme of trying restaurants in new cities, I went to Irwindale. The infamous Irwindale, that gave Jerk, Al Davis, $10 million, to listen to their proposal about building the LA Raiders a football stadium in their city. The jerk took the $10 million and never looked back.

I did a search and Tacos La Bufadora, sounded good, especially when I heard about ther 99 cent fish taco, Wednesday. While doing the search, I was reminded of Picasso's Cafe, also in Irwindale, and I may pay a visit, soon.

So I get two fish tacos, regular price is $1.49 but on Wednesday and Sunday they are 99 cents. The fish tacos I got came quickly, but must have been fried quickly, because there were still crunchy and hot. The pieces of fish were big but had so much batter and not enough fish. I bet the ratio was 60/40, batter to fish. Not a good rato, even at 99 cents. I'm pretty sure the fish, what little there was, was pollock.

The corn tortillas were so hot, just off the grill. The fresh cabbage, cilantro, and white sauce were fine. I like the coolness of the sauce with the hot fish.

Service was good. But I said I would eat the fish tacos, there but they started packing up the tacos, to go. I can't believe how many restaurants screw that up. It is a waste of money and materials for that restaurant. I understand mistakes happen but when mistakes cost the restaurant more money, then it becomes an issue, because in the end the customers will pay for it.

The fish tacos were ok but not worth the drive to Irwindale. I wouldn't go back, even if I'm in the area.