Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dog House-Closed

Dog House
14510 Towne Center Dr
Unit F1
Baldwin Park

Mark, the city of Baldwin Park, off my list of cities that I have not reviewed to restaurant. The New Diner is trying to do restaurant reviews in cities that I have not been to. Dog House maybe the first ever restaurant, including fast food, in Baldwin Park that I have ever been to. I'm always up for a good hot dog place, especially one that uses Vienna beef hot dogs.

Vienna beef, 12in, jumbo dog, with mustard and onions, $3.95. I like to keep things simple, when I have a hot dog. Who cares about the toppings, if the hot dog isn't good. Vienna beef hot dogs are among the best hot dogs you can buy. They use good quality beef in their hot dogs.

Dog House has the hot dogs in a steamer and when you place your order, they will toast the bun on the grill, and then take out a hot dog from the steamer and grill it for about a minute or so. I liked the hot dog, but it was a bit overdone because they have been sitting in the steamer too long. The outside was a bit tough and chewy. There wasn't a natural casing.

What I didn't like is the bun. The bun broke in half, which meant the onions dropped on the tray. I saw them toast the bun and they flatten the bun, causing it to break in half. I don't want a two piece bun for my hot dog, that would make it a sandwich!!

Something interesting that I found while searching for Dog House; as you can see the hot dog is bigger than the bun. I found somebody, on Yelp, actually complaining about the hot dog being bigger than the bun!!! What an idiot!!

The onions and mustard were fine.

Service is good. The guy who took my order, was nice and helpful. But I find their pricing interesting. A Jumbo chili cheese dog is $4.25, as is the onion ring dog-bbq sauce and onion rings on top. But a regular 12in jumbo dog is $3.95?