Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ambrose Pizzeria

Ambrose Pizzeria
12739 Valley View Ave
La Mirada

That Girl Can Eat, used to be one of my favorite bloggers. But she went to the dark side, Yelp, and has never come back!! But I saw her review of Ambrose Pizza and since it fit into my new MO, of trying restaurants in new cites. So I can check La Mirada off my list.

I didn't really want an entire pizza, so I got a large pepperoni slice, $5.39. When the slice arrived, I was amazed at how big the slice was. The slice was about half a medium pizza. I'll admit, I used to be all about the portion size, when it came to food. The bigger the better.

But now, as my tastes has changed, I want good quality food, not just big portions. Ambrose Pizza is only about big portions. The crust was overwhelming thick and the bottom was like a cracker, way to cripsy. I want a soft chewy crust, not a thick crunchy crust.

The sauce had a lot of oregano, which I don't like. I don't like that tangy, bitter taste of too much oregano. I did like the large amount of cheese on the slice, though toward the ends, there weren't that much. There was a good amount of pepperoni and it was just standard pepperoni, nothing special.

Service was bad and came with a MAJOR attitude. The girl was a snotty bitch with major attitude. She wasn't friendly or helpful at all. Asking her a question about lunch specials, and a major attitude came about.

The guy who delivered the pizza to my table, was nice but the girl who took my order needs a major attitude adjustment.

I would not go back to Ambrose Pizza again. Very average pizza and bad service is a bad combination.